Our house

  Birth data:
Birthyear 1970
This house has never moved since.
  House data:
It's a B21 type house built by BPA Byggproduktion. The buying price was in 1970 about 17.000 USD. Selling price today is about 275.000 USD. It's not a castle, as you can see. But prices on homes are outrageous over here. Size of the house is 130 m2 and there is also a garage. And a backyard suitable for BBQ's of course.
Our other house

  Birth data:
Birthyear 1967-69
  House data:
This house was designed and built by my father in law. This house has two smaller companions, a house with gusest room and shower/sauna, and one yet smaller house built for the kids
Our cars
  Car data:

My wife drives a Renault Grand Scenic 2.0 2005, and the family vehicle is a 1992 Chrysler Town & Country
Our boat
  Boat data:

This is our Grisslan 600 AC. It measures 6.0 X 2.10 meters and is powered by a 70 hp 2-stroke Yamaha outboard engine. Top speed is 33 knots.