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2004-04-21 14:19 <DETAILINFO> Detailed info.exe
2005-08-07 00:39 <MSN Spaces> MSN Web Place .dat
2003-04-06 04:00 <ANALOG PICS> Selected Pics.dat
2003-04-06 04:00 <MP3 LIBRARY > My mp3 files.dat
2003-04-06 04:00 <DOWNLOAD> Files.idx
2003-11-16 12:34 <LINKSPAGE> My Links.bat
2003-01-23 16:33 <MP3> Winamp Remote
2002-09-16 16:10 <EMAIL> in2kma@hotmail.com
2003-01-23 16:33 <MSN> in2kma@hotmail.com
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Birth data:
Born in Uppsala, Sweden in 1962. Spent 12 years there before moving to a northern Stockholm suburb.

What do I do in 2006?
I'm looking for an employment.


Wife since 1995, Madeleine, oldest daughter Mikaela, middle one Evelina and the young Zakarias. This picture isn't very accurate anymore. As soon as we get a warm sunny day there will be a new shot.

My Links:

Marshall Crenshaw
Wilmer X
FAME Recording Studios - Muscle Shoals
STAX  - Soulsville U.S.A.
Malt Drycker
My auctions at Tradera.com

All Music Guide, you can't live without this page.

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What am I interested in?:
Main interest, or lifestyle i should say, is Music. I'm on a musical mission from God. Save the people from Britney Spears and other ear-pests and help them find the light from music made by people who actually did care about it.

Main hobby is taking pictures. I usually take my own pictures. I have been doing so since some 25 years now. I keep a few old scanned pictures right here.

My SLR equipment today is a Nikon D70 body, and  a Tamron SP 28-75/2,8