Here in this section I will write storys or explain more thoroughly about things that doesn't fit in on my first page.
First story out is

My SLR History, so far:

Early on, back in late 1970's or so, I realized that I wanted an SLR camera. Not that I had that great ideas about pictures I would take, but I liked the camera as a thing I think. And maybe I had seen to many chocking examples of pictures taken with lousy Kodak Instamatic cameras. Shame on you Kodak! The fact that my parents had a Leica M2 migth also hace contributed to my desicion. As I was only in my early teens I had very limited economical resources. I had to set for a really cheap camera. The Praktica. Probably a Praktica L2. Next thing, the money! Oh dear. No work. No education, hardly. Being about 16 years or so. What to do? I spent most summers at this age with my grandparents on Öland, Swedens 2:nd largest island. And what can you do to make a buck or two on Öland in the summertime? You can rob a bank or you can pick strawberries! I went for the strawberries. Coward you might say, but two things made is easy to make that choice. First was that my grandfather would let me use his moped to drive to the strawberry field. Second was that he would go with me, on his bicycle, and help me pick strawberries.You picked them in boxes of about 500 g and filled a larger box with those boxes. I can't remember what the pay was, but I guess a few kronor for each box of 500 g. My grandfather was a master picker, and during a couple of summers I made enough money to start thinking in more realistic terms of becoming a camera owner. Maybe my grandmother added some money, maybe someone else did. Anyway, my financial status raised above the Praktica level, and I became a proud Pentax ME Super owner. As the ME Super was released I 1980, I guess this is the year we are in now. Sadly this fine little SLR is no longer in my possession. Over the years that I owned this camera I added a wide angle lens, something like the M 28/2,8, and a tele lens, like the M 135/3,5. There are so many different 28 and 135 models that it's impossible to exactly pin the ones I used. I recall my days as a Pentax owner as free of surprises and that the equipment worked as expected.
 In the mid 1980's I felt the urge to own a Nikon camera. Damn you Paul Simon! and I traded my Pentax gear at a used camera dealer where I also got a Nikkormat EL with a fantastic 85/2 lens. This combo did me a load of great pictures. This is the longest relation I have had with a camera so far. I sold it in1998 together with the lens. By this time I had already become a Canon EOS addict. I got my first EOS, the 10s in 1991. I traded some old Leica gear into the Canon EOS 10s, a EF 50/1,8 and a EF 70-210/3,5-4,5. I believe this might have been one of my worst deals ever. The Leica gear would probably have bought me a brand new 10D with an L lens today. Such is life, mine at least :-) I was happy with this gear, together with a 300 EZ it served me to take loads of pictures. During this era my kids were born and the 10s worked hard.
 Then suddenly, in 1998 I decided my SLR days were over, (I think I had some minor brain collapse", and I sold the whole thing to a young girl trying to become a real photographer. I was going to continue as a snap-shooter with a Yashica T5. Not a bad camera at all. But not that much time elapsed before I had a bad SLR "cold-turkey". I had to get a new EOS! Well, in 1998 were kind enough to ship me a used EOS Elan II, or EOS 50 as the european name is, together with an equally used lens - an EF 28-105/3,5-4,5. Not much had changed from the EOS 10s. It was ok, but I newer fell in love with it. As a delayed Christmas gift for my self I got a brand new EOS30 in early 2001. Silent. Plasticky. Probably nothing wrong with it at all, but it was also a pretty short love affair.

In the autumn of  2002 I sold both the EOS 50, the EOS 30 and the EF 28-200/3,5-5,6 I had bought already with the EOS 50 and got me a used EOS 3. Now I was going to be happy. Are you ever? And I was, really. I got two really nice lenses sent to me by my very good friend John in GA. The EF 28-135/3,5-5,6 IS and the EF 20-35/3,5-4,5. The camera was a brick and as solid. The lenses did pretty good too. See, I am writing was and did already. Because in May of this year, 2003 I decided to try out digital photography and therefore I bought a Nikon CoolPix 885. Just to evaluate digital photography. I had been very skeptic about it, and still were. I think it took a month or two and I didn't love the EOS 3 any more. My wife should probably be lucky I am doing this with cameras :-) The EOS 3 found it's new owner during a short meeting at the local railway station. The lenses was put in a box and shipped away to a guy with a new 10D. Lucky him. And what about me? Well, I am sitting here with a used EOS D30 and a used EF 50/1,8 II. Waiting for the brand new 17-40/4,0L to arrive pretty soon. In the mean time I managed to swap the CoolPix 885 for a more pocket friendly Olympus C-350. I love the way the digital pictures become available compared to the traditional photo album. Even though I can see the advantages of the album as well. My next idea that I am working on is a wall mounted TFT screen hooked up to a puter and showing picture slide shows continuously. That would be really nice. It will happen I am sure. Well this is the SLR history so far. I am continuing to shoot with my current cameras and will also add major changes to this story as they happen. I will also try to create an equipment/timeline chart. Am I crazy? Still crazy after all those years, for sure!!! Well the latest turn in my quest to find the perfect SLR equipment certainly makes me think I am crazy. I can't really say much about it right now but I hope I will be able to get back with details soon. I am not a member of Al Quaida! Well, as it finally turned out. US Postal kept my nice lens for a while, they got the idea that it was being sent to an Al Quaida cell in Sweden. I'm pretty shure they have comitted it to the third degree. It definitely suffers from severe PTS and hardly talk at all. And a good lens shrink is very hard to find here! Poor thing. Well, as of last week I'm no longer a canon addict. I found my D30 a little to old for me and decided to get a new DSLR. I wanted the 10D, but it was way to expensive for me, and the 300D. Hmm, hate to admit it, but it looks like a toy. So, I sold all my canon gear and are now the proud owner of a Nikon camera again. A Nikon D70. I haven't decided what lenses to get yet, so I have borrowed  to old AF lenses from Björn Z. Tks for that Björn! So far I'm about to get used to the D70, have shot a couple of hundred jpeg's, no RAW files yet. I like it very much so far. There are a few things that are much better than it was on the D30. Things you can do with buttons, rather than having to go through menus. I'm not yet quite friends with the two dials that have a different layout than Canon has, but I will get there, I'm pretty shure. Sorry Canon, it was Nikon time again. Well, now having been A Nikon owner for a few weeks I can only say I'm very happy. The D70 performs just  as good as I  hoped it would. It's really fun to take pictures with it. It has a few disadvantages compared to the D30 I previously owned, but the advantages is in majority. Picture quality being numero uno. Please mail me if you feel like discussing this more thoroughly. I feel kind of relieved not beeing an L addict anymore. I can shoot a decent picture without an L lens. No question about it, pro gear can have several advantages over less expensive stuff. But hey!, am I a pro? I would not think so. And the possibility being labelled as an measurebator was alone a good enough reason to spend less money on insanely expensive lenses. Free at last? As you can tell from the sheet below I now have an old 70-210 lens. Not very bright but handy and durable.

Latest update 2004-12-11

Kodak Instamatic's                            
Pentax ME Super                      
SMC 50/2.0                      
SMC 28/2,8                          
SMC 135/3,5                          
Nikkormat EL Used                      
Nikkor 85/2,0  Used                      
EOS 10s                          
EF 50/1,8 II                          
EF 70-210/3,5-5,6 USM                          
Flash 300 EZ                          
Yashica T5                          
EOS 50/Elan II Used                        
EF 28-105/3,5-4,5 USM                      
Flash 420EX                      
EF 28-200/3,5-5,6 USM                          
EOS 30 QD                          
EF 28-135 IS USM                          
EF 20-35/3,5-4,5 USM                            
EOS 3  Used                          
EOS D30 Used                          
EOS 10s Used                          
EF 50/1,8 II Used                            
EF 17-40/4L                          
Nikon D70                        
Nikkor AF 50/1.8n                        
Nikkor AF 28-85/3.5-4.5                          
Nikkor AF 70-210/4-5.6                        
Nikkor AF-S 24-85/3.5-4.5                        
Nikon SB-800                          
Tamron SP 28-75/2,8                            

Latest update: 2005-01-18

This text started out as the Musical History of my life. Maybe it will end up being more than that. But that was the contextual idea anyway. The text is under construction so don't read it as a completed piece of work.


If cameras is what nourishes me on the material level, music is the what does it on the spiritual ditto. I still today have memories of quite a few of the popular song of the 60's. Doris Day,  Un Homme et une Femme,  and other stuff that today is called Easy Listening and is being reissued on various records.  My parents strangely enough had quite a few records. Strange because they never seemed very interested in them. I honestly really don't know what they were interested in either. Apart from a few fluid things and at weekends making a lot of racket late in the nights. I were very interested in those records. Led Zeppelin III, CCR's Cosmos Factory, Rubber Soul, A Hard Days Night, Sgt Pepper and the White Album by the Bugs,  Aretha Now, What 'd I Say by Ray Charles. This stuff made one hell of an impact on me. Musically defensless as I were. There were other stuff as well, Crosby Stills & Nash  and Simon & Karbunkel. This never made me extatic as the oter stuff did. Maybe it lacked electricity to much. Any time I like, I can play Jimmy Page's guitar solo from Whole Lotta Love I my head, note by note. It's still as good as it was then. I'm pretty shure this is where and when I got the infection. Soon 40 years have passed since this happened and I'm not cured yet. I can easily say that music is among the dearest memories of my years as a kid, most people and things counted in. Guess how many kids think their parents are morons, and the only way they can express this is by playing insanely  loud on their stereos. I was one of those kids. And did they get the message? I don't think so. Self-centred and preoccupied people seldom do. It might have annoyed them from time to time and I will just have to settle for that, annoyed. It feels a little weak though. Enough. Somewhere in theese years I bought my first Vinyl LP, Status Quo's On The Level. And there I said it. What happened after the experiences in front of the Hi-Fi equipment in a sad apartment in Uppsala early 1970's was that the Hi-Fi equipment moved to a sad Stockholm suburb called Marshy. Or was it Musty?, can't remember for shure ;-) But there it was, the Hi-Fi equipment, me and the rest of the the family. Two dogs and parents included. Now we lived in a house. I had left the few friends I have had and was alone again. Being the only child is like being the poor lonesome cowboy, exept that you don't get the horse and the sunset. The records were there and I made a few new friend after a while. Life moved along. Things happened. Some strange some less strange. I got my own audio equimpment, WOW, Lenco gear where the amplifier was built into the turntable.

Not the hottest stuff, but it made sound and I was in charge of it! This was the start of the buying my own records era. An era that lasted until the entrance of P2P file sharing over the internet. Not that I download any copyrighted material, oh no no no!, but just knowing that I at any time can download the latest Britney album keeps me from running off to the record store. Since CD's are priced at an insane level here in Sweden I have to stick to my old Bay City Rollers albums and the Brothers In Arms CD I once got for my 25'th birthday. If anyone senses a small amount of irony built in here, please check your detectors again! As time went by I managed to raise funds to upgrade my equipment. I got an awsome Gold Star Reciever. It had a radio scale lit up in the most beautiful blue color you can imagine. If all other lights were put out the whole room was transformed into something beyond the real world.It was magic, and almost enjoyable to watch even without playing any music at all. I also built a pair of speakers, large enough to house an average Nigerian family - each! Those followed me for years, even got cut down in size when I moved to my first one room apartment. In those vintage days CD's wasn't yet heard of and here the compact cassette ruled. I did my best to kill music with home taping, but I failed. There even was a tax invented on audio and video cassettes. What is it with the media industry? How do they do this? I mean how do they manage to get their way with politicians? Do they have their pictures when dressed up in rubber an the dick up someones ass or what? Now they are at it again. Laws are proposed to make it illegal to as much as think "copy" near a CD or Video tape. Hey Hey, My My.... Currently I have cut down on downloading and sharing music, for a couple of reasons. No one downloaded my stuff, I never downloaded anyone elses stuff. I simply haven'y got the time to download, verify, burn and finally listen to it. If I were financially independent I might have the time but then on the other hand I guess I wouldn't bother downloading. I guess I'm a little fed up with music in such large quantities. It's like when you buy a candy bag that's to large. At the end it doesn't taste very good anymore. That's the vay I feel about downloading more music than I can ever consume. Pause. I prefer to talk about music for a while I think. Talk to me about music here.

Latest update: 2004-12-11