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magnussons.eu is the site of our family. It's purpouse is to show you what's going on here, if you wonder. And bring some information about our lives, both in past, presence and future. Yes, we know how to tell about the future.

This site is -

- designed by: in2kma
- developed by: in2kma
- coded by: in2kma
- loaded with photos, © of : in2kma
- the result from use of the following software:

Adobe Dreamweaver MX - for the HTML code
Raw Shooter Premium 2006- for developing RAW picture files
Adobe PhotoShop CS2 - for processing developed picture files
Noiseware Professional Plug-in - for improvement of noisy pictures
JAlbum/BananAlbum - for the Photo Diary

- I'm building this site on a 21" 1680 by 1050 px LCD but I try hard to make it look good on a 19", 1280 x 1024 monitor, and to look decent on an 1024 x 768 monitor. It might just look totally awful in lower resolutions. And hey! Just another good reason 4 U to go get yourself that huge LCD monitor you have been longing for.
- supposed to look equally good in IE 6 and Mozilla Firefox 1.0. I have not tested it in any other browser.
- very grateful to all who shares, you know - ideas and such.